This is a character I wanted to draw for a long time. As part of a comic idea she represents a race of humanoid entities called “Luminare”. I don’t want to reveal too much about them yet. (Mostly because I only got some vague ideas.) But light plays an important role.

A Luminare - an elf like immortal creature. Pencil Sketch.
Luminare – an immortal race consisting of pure light. Only materializing when in contact with the mortal world.

Not so much that they can create light or ignite fires as it might appear on the picture, but in the way that they consist of some way of (pure) light. They aren’t earthly creatures and only materialize occasionally. Knowledge and the seeking of enlightenment also play some roles.

All of that might paint a positive picture but I also want to add an uncanny aspect to their nature. Something mysterious, negative that you can’t name, that will always let the reader wonder about what they’re really up to.

Don’t know if I will be able to pull it off. But, hey, at least I drew some fancy picture. (I’m rarely ever proud of my works, but that one I really like.)