I love animation and somehow always liked the idea of working on an animation movie or show. But since such a childhood dream doesn’t fulfill itself magically and I also see no option in working on such a project on the writing or concept side in the near future (here in Austria), I decided to simply learn by doing.

Of course I can’t start with a full project of – let’s say – twenty minutes. So I decided to do some exercises to experiment  and hopefully get better.

I expanded an exercise they gave us at school and animated the alien character anew and added another two to see what difficulties would come up if I had to work with more details.

This is the result, a short animation of three of my characters jumping.

It’s at frame-by-frame animation and during the process of animating I came to the conclusion to stick to limited animation, since it came out-

Well, not so nice.

I got better during the process (more automated) but still I’m not good enough of a penciler to get it right. Especially Jersey, the girl, morphed a lot and not in the good kind of a way.

At least the animated movie clips worked out the way I wanted. Another point I focused on.

At moment it’s under judgment on NG, and I really hope I don’t have to move it to youtube. Probably should have added music to prevent that.

UPDATE: It’s on Vimeo now. With music. 🙂
High Beams by Nick Jaina // BY NC 3.0