Digital Art Portrait of Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones' Season
My digital art try at portraiting Tyrion Lannister

Yes, yes, yes, I know. Not again. But seriously it’s a good show, almost excellent, and Peter Dinklage finally gets a justified amount of screen time. And a lot of close-ups. I would have never thought that camera angles had such a huge influence on the emotional attachment to a character but, man, was I wrong.

The weird little crush on Dinklage’s character put aside I really wanted to train my digital art skills and since I’m not really good with it to begin with and that stuff always takes ages anyway, I thought I’d pick a motive that would cushion my frustration; and I thought Tyrion would just do the trick.

Plus there was bit of friendly competion involved since a friend of mine had a drawing of Tyrion based on season one or two in his sketch-a-day journal and I just wanted to show him how it’s really done; but now I got to admit it ain’t so much better than his try. XD

Nonetheless, I tried to get better with digital painting and I think I pulled that off; within the borders of my limited talent. (Might try another one with beard, since – THEY DIDN’T DYE THE DAMN BEARD! How could they not dye the beard?!)

Anway, a happy watching season five to all of us!

Sketch: July 2014; Drawing: April 2015