Panulirus versicolor –  a spiny lobster, which really deserves the name as it shimmers in various colors. I guess my first thought – after the marvel had cleared – was `why glue gems on a cockroach when you already have something as beautiful as this walking over the earth’s surface?`. If I was a rich man I would probably want a well-equipped and well-maintained aquarium with one or two painted rock lobsters at my office or parlor. Even if I wasn’t into crustacean.

Painted Rock Lobster (panulirus versicolor) - a tropical spiny lobster - hiding in a little cove. Painted in water color.
Painted Rock Lobster (panulirus versicolor) hiding in cove done in water color.

But since I went to the Haus des Meeres in Vienna to get some inspiration for outlandish looking critters for one of my stories to begin with, I guess I’m a bit of a biased. I love the sea and crustacean got to me lately. Maybe it’s their way of moving or outlandish looks which makes them appear alien and native at the same time that fascinates me.

Anyway, when I painted this I had just started out with aquarelle colors and somehow saw a good fit in trying my hand on some underwater species. This one caught my eye but hid in a cove before I started penciling.  I’m still pretty happy with the outcome, though. You’ve got to hand that to the people there, they arrange charming showcases.