Picture 1: Mima First Draft - Pencil Sketch of a curly haired woman sleeping; held in medium close up..
First Mima Draft

As I mentioned before I somewhat plan on developing, and perhaps drawing, a comic series. It would be about supernatural beings, demons and monsters in an urban/suburbian area.

But since my drawing abilities are too limited to get the wanted style (e.g. Fil Barlow – Extreme Ghostbusters, Men in Black, Zooniverse etc.) and I’m stuck with a main character without a face or decent character arc, I’m not too confident on ever starting, not to speak of finishing, this project. Who knows, maybe at some point I will ask a decent penciler to help out…

Picture 2: The Woman (Mima) shown from top to toe, frontal and side view. She's wearing a scarf partly hiding her thick curly hair, a plain, oversized coat and baggish trousers. Pencil Sketch.
First (reduced) Modelsheet.

But anyways, I somehow just can’t let go of the idea and that’s how the character of ‘Mima’ – a secondary character, who would appear later on in the story – came to be. She was inspired by a singer, Nneka, and the cartoon version of Momo by Michael Ende.

I been think of making her human but far away from social restrictions and conventions, therefore being more of an ethereal character than an ordinary woman. She  probably doesn’t know about Twinkies or the latest episode of whatever will be big at the time.

Even if the whole project will never launch, I had fun drawing her and should definitely take very chance on getting better. 😉

  • Picture 1 – shows the first draft of the character.
  • Picture 2 – is a front and side view of the character. I tried to simplify the style/drawing to make the character easier to reproduce. Something I have been working on for a while and tried out with other characters before.
  • Picture 3 – I made to get an idea of the color scheme and technique. I thought about trying to use traditional methods instead of digital ones because I really like the aquarelle effect. But maybe I will just try to fake the effect digitally once things get serious.
Picture 3: Mima standing out against dreamy atmosphere at the edge of a country road with cars passing. Colored in water colors.
Mima – in colors and atmosphere