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Episode 3 of the VJP Podcast. Finally ticking off names from the Bucket List.

But what the heck here is Episode 3 and I will keep up publishing. (Will heavily use the pre-dating option in the future. XD)

I’ve been thinking about leaving the second scene at the end of the short audio drama (High Seas) out but I also liked that I did my first real transition so I left it in. Let me know what you like better and leave a comment here or on the Podcast site.  🙂

Last Minute Decision: I put another Atmosphere piece in between the intro and the bucket list text after recording the intro because I thought it’d create a better rhythm. Since it was a last-minute decision I’m not mentioning it in the intro.

Table of Content 

  • Dead Days 1+2 00:00
  • Intro 07:02
  • Atmosphere 10:40
  • Bucket List – Whoopi Goldberg 11:42
  • High Seas 18:57

Duration:  24:01