Cover to "The Singularity Collection" - a short story collection by B. Jetschko

Finally it’s done.

If you’ve read The DIY Book Cover Challenge and have looked at the pictures carefully you’ll noticed I slightly changed the cover later on.

What else there’s to say? Well, there are six short stories (respectively flash fictions) with a focus on horror/supernatural themes included in the collection, it’s my first commerical work (self)-published and I would be really pleased if I would at least make a dollar in profits with it 😉

Anyway, I would be happy enough if people (maybe you) just took a look – there’s the possiblity of previewing a part of the collection without having to sign up or download – and maybe leave some (constructive) feedback. Preferably here in the comments below, if they’ve just taken a look, or on Smashwords, if someone purchased and fully read the collection.

I know these personal things can be rather annoying but I already want to thank you for your attention. At the moment the whole thing is just pretty exciting. And I guess I feel like sharing. 😀