You might have seen him before showing his facial expressions in a previous post. But now Glubsch appears animated and in color. See the little fishbowl come to live – this time – on Vimeo.

Glubsch, the Character

From the very first sketch on I had this idea of Glubsch being the character but the fish inside of the fishbowl’s “bowels” being alive too. So before my inner eye the little animal was moving all along, while Glubsch performed his tricks, but letting the rest of the world see the same still took some time.

Glubsch, the Animation

Well, if you’ve animated before (or maybe even if you haven’t) you might notice that I mixed styles. I used Adobe’s Flash for the animation and since that program offers a tweening option I used that to create the straight movement from left to right, right to left.
Screenshot of working with Adobe's Flash Professional on the "Glubsch" Animation

The turns were a bit trickier. I did some frame-by-frame animation altering and adjusting the original Glubsch picture we had to draw in class. See more about the class assignment that started it all. I also scribbled the fish movements and put the sketches on a layer underneath the actual fish-art layer as a guidance and help.

Fish turn around right to left - pencil sketchPencil sketched fish in colored, comic fishbowl. Fish turn around left to right - pencil sketch

P.S. The blinking is a frame-by-frame animation as well. 🙂

The Quality

I know, especially the turns could have been better, smoother and shouldn’t morph so shakily XD. But it already took a long time to finish this little animation and I actually just wanted to test how far I can take that idea of mine with my current abilities. Plus: I’m really not the kind of a person to spend hours smoothing outlines. I’m just not that professional… 😛

P.S.: The Jumping Animation Exercise published in March is now also on Vimeo. Check it out now, neatly embedded inside the old post. :)

Sound used: Fish in aquarium by Julien Nicolas // CC BY 3.0