This is a character that has accompanied me for some while now. Weirdly enough, she not the main character of the project I want to tell you of later on, but she has grown dear to my heart anyway.

Actually I had planned to post her walking from side to side BUT it’s unbelievably tough and eats up way too much time, so I rescheduled to next summer, or whenever I have the time.

Still I wouldn’t want you dear reader to be left without interactiveness and so put the newly dressed lady along with a reference picture of her other appearance into a slide show. Have Fun!

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The “Jonas Jovian” Project

Two or three years back I thought about putting a Point-and-Click-Adventure together featuring a run-down Private Investigator. I thought it’d be easy and fun and would finally get me to work with Flash.

Well, it got me to work with Flash.

Not much has happening since then except that I got the story pretty much done and written – it might requires some minor editing – a bunch of character designs and settings and model sheets to two characters. I planned on having little episodes at the beginning of every “chapter” and at the moment I’m working on Jersey walking as she enters the office of the Private Investigator Jonas Jovian (thus the name) to tell him her story and hire him.

I know it sounds silly but I don’t primarily want to make a Point-and-Click-Adventure game but to get better in understanding Flash by doing little animated scenes along with your basic Point-and-Click Mechanics. Which I haven’t tried to tackle in slightest bit yet. XD

So you see I’ve got a long way to go, but because this is a very hobby-ious side project I’m fine with it taking ages. And I came to the conclusion to share every little step – by that I mean scheduling every little thing that’s composing the bigger picture – I might actually will be able to pull it off. 🙂

Stay tuned…