Here’s a little something from school.

The Assignment

..was to create/model a character for a project. It had to wear some kind of protective gear and a helmet. In short: It had to be a simple enough character to model in Maya, so we might learn the basics of the program in terms of modeling. We all had started out in September 2014 and the majority – including me – from scratch, so this made somewhat sense.

A pencil sketch of the figure that was modeled in Maya later on. It shows the figure in front, side and back view.

Final 3D model of the figure. Also in front, side and back view.


I probably should leave it to your judgement if I fulfilled the assignment or not…

No. XD What I’m really getting at: I’m still not convinced by 3D Modeling. I must say 3D – as school subject – already repelled me from the very beginning on. It was almost the only subject I disliked and unfortunately that hasn’t changed over the year. Not much at least. It’s still rather tiresome. I guess I’m more the Pen and Paper type – okay the Pen, Paper and Tablet type. ;p

And I guess it shows…

I don’t know. Maybe eventually I will grow accustomed to it, but at the moment it’s just frustrating to a high degree. Because the software barely ever works the way you would expect it to. Maybe that’s a newbie problem. But getting told to “just do it again” from scratch when you have weird error messages thrown at you, freakish additional faces or edges showing up or simply certain functions malfunctioning doesn’t really help.

But let me know what you think. Sketch or Model? 2D or 3D? What’s better? And why?
In general or in this certain case, doesn’t matter, just let me know what’s your opinion on the subject. 😉

We've only started animating at the end of the second semester. Maybe animating some more will change my opinion on 3D (animating)... Or maybe it will make matters worse.

BTW: You might have noticed, the site’s design has changed in style. I will add a few more things to alter the appearance, but none will cause such a tremendous change as the recent switch from a light to a dark theme. 😀