Ever had a vivid imagination and years later, after picturing some anecdote or joke, were able to make it visible to others? Well, I tried with a little animatic with a long name…

As you can guess…

This has been – once again – a school assignment. Well, the actual assignment was to create a storyboard to a very short joke. For example: Ein Kaugummi geht um die Ecke – und bleibt picken. [A chewing gum turns around a corner – and sticks.]

I already like the idea to expand the storyboard to an animatic the moment we were assigned to the task. But well, I didn’t find the time to do the extra work during school times – XD – so I finished it now. It’s a very sketchy, simple animation so don’t be too gruesome. It only has to get the idea across.

BTW: I once again love the sound design. I know, Eigenlob stinkt [self-praise sucks]. But the hell with it. Guess, I found a new field to work in. XD

What else there’s to say?

This isn’t the only ending that I had in mind. Only the simplest. The actual storyboard is longer (features more frames) but for the moment that and the other endings will stay secret. 😉

So, when I have more time, I might post some polished versions of the “Chewing Gum Joke”. Including a polished version of this animatic. But for the moment this is just a little exercise and nothing that I will continue with much drive or great intention. Sorry, so much on my plate right now… 🙂