Jahresprojekt “Mona”

As mentioned before, major project “Mona” will keep me busy for the rest of the year and beyond. Read and see more on how it got along so far. Plus a little “tech” test

The Beginning

Well, Mona is a little project that eventually will turn into a huge project and very likely into huge trouble for me. Because I hate commitment.

One sleepless night about two years back I had this crazy notion about a detective series featuring a female detective in the 1940s in America. Now, I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that since it’s never good to be too specific about time and space in writing, if you don’t want to do too much research. But that was the idea, pure and simple.

I thought about turning it into a book and – because of my current interest – into an audio drama series.

I also enjoyed the slick look of Film Noirs (or is it “Films Noirs”?) and thought, in my wildest imagination, about an animation show. Why that? Well, because I imagined it’s easier to retouch a 2002 automoblie out of the picture that way and keep the actors at a certain age for a long time.

The proposal

Now when they came along at school with “Hey, you know you have to do a short movie of the bigger course of the school year, right?” I thought “Mona”. (Because she already had a name at that time, of course.)

So I will try my best at creating a scene featuring Mona and two of her arch-frenemies, two brothers, film it and later on rotoscope it. Since doing that manually takes waaaay too long time, I decided to try some filter work on it to shorten the process.

Above you see my current outcome.

I will have to work on a couple of frames with the final movie, since just using the filters is obviously causing problems. Wrong coloring, flicker, etc. But I feel somewhat confident that I will be able to pull this off until March ’16. (That’s the ambiguous deadline they gave us so far.) Maybe with a little help from some friends? Please?

Additionally: The Production Diary

Since I feel rather overwhelmed by the whole thing, I thought about documenting and letting you, dear reader, in on the process of the project.

So I thought every week or so I will post a little entry called “Production Diary” with what happened during the week, things I’ve accomplished and how I keep up with my production schedule. Which will be included and update everytime something new happens.

I will keep them short and simple, included some photos if given and try to make it as engaging as possible. Ultimately, I hope you will join me on my voyage and will be on the edge of your seat during the last months of production, when I have to fight with editing, Photoshop and After Effects.

Will she make it? Will she not make it? Who knows…