Project Schedule - Week Two

So the second week of my production schedule has passed. Don’t search for week one. This is the first entry. It’s been stressful as usual. And since I feel my strength already strained, I try a minimum upkeep of one bigger task per day. Excluding Saturday and Monday as I work for money on those days.

At the moment they bombard us with assignments and deadlines at school and I really have a tough time getting fun out any of the projects. Including the personal ones. But, hey I’m somewhat on time.

Tasks for Week Two:

  • Write Script
  • Get volunteers for the production (Camera, Light, Sound)
  • Scout Location
  • Casting Call
  • Work on November’s Monthly

Things I did to accomplish these goals:

  • Talked to friends and asked if they have time in January. Answers have been vague. It’s still some time until then. This still leaves me with a knot in my stomach.
  • Have started to write the first few pages of the script. Considering the treatment’s length, the story will get way too long.
  • Asked friend if her attic or cellar would be suitable. No option. Since she’s not sure if she’s around in January.
  • Check mom’s garage for suitability. Acoustics are crap. Only an option if nothing else’s available.
  • Have already written a short “Call for Action” and had posted it in an actors group on Facebook last week. Three requests yet.
  • Additionally: Tried filters and ways of post-production to get a “rotoscopic” effect.

Things I still have to do:

  • Work some more on the script. At least finish a first draft.
  • See cellar rooms for acoustics and suitability. Maybe look else where for a good spot.
  • Write a short summary for the actors who have already reached out. So they can get an idea what the movie will be about.

As you can see, quite some list. And since the next school assignment is “Write your script” and is due tomorrow, I will go to sleep now and work hard tomorrow.

So all the luck to you and your projects and keep your fingers crossed that mine will go as well too. Hopefully read you next week. 😉