Or why I won’t make a Living as an Illustrator

Once again a school assignment. Had to draw 9 characters within two weeks, I think, and color our three favorite ones within another week. Or maybe the other way around. It’s all a bit foggy, because I came down with fever on the day when the outlines were due. Had to take a break there, and be very careful so I might actually be healthy enough to make it to my paid job two days later. Made me realize, I definitely don’t want to make a living as a freelance illustrator or anything else freelance. But I might try it every now and then.

My Final Three – In Color

Cowboy Cactus in color Cartoon Bean

If you scroll down you will perhaps realize that we had three materials and three roles / stereotypes (?) to work with. No material and no role was allowed to be double so our choice was rather limited. Mind you, this limitation was so we might practise drawing every material and “style” from the outline assignment and not just pick what we were already good at.

Since I’m bad with every single parameter in the equation, I didn’t really care. Just tried my best. Not that it was appreciate, but who cares I’m not doing this for the grades anyway.

Note: First time I really tried to paint sparkling, metal/gold reflections and it somewhat worked. Before, I always really failed at that. So yeah, I’m a bit proud of myself. And yeah, that’s why I’m showing you.

The First Nine – Sketch to Line-out

Nine cartoon characters. Sketched and outlined, no color.

The table includes material (left to right): Cactus, Wood, Bean.
And “roles”(top to bottom): Cowboy, Sioux/Native American, Mexican.

Yeah, we also thought this was a test on racial stereotypical thinking. But who knows, maybe the guy was just coming up with something. Like “typical roles found in a cheap Western”. It’s an evening class and not his only job after all.

BTW: Because of other assignments I couldn’t keep up with the “Production Dairy”. I will continue it though. But from now on, on a bi-weekly basis. So I might actually have time to work on the project 😉 Stay tuned.