Project Schedule - Week Four

Have been flagging because of some serious school assignments and their deadlines, which put me about a week behind. So yeah, I had to make a few decisions and move quicker than I’d liked.

Tasks For Week Three and Four:

  • Write Script
  • Get volunteers for the production (Camera, Light, Sound)
  • Scout Location
  • Casting Call
  • Work on November’s Monthly
  • Casting (Line-Reading)

Things I did to accomplish these goals:

  • Wrote the summary for the actors and send it to them.
  • Script is finally done. With a week’s delay…
  • Mom’s garage a definite possibility. Still have to check acoustics with no car in the room. (Still would be my second choice after-)
  • A cellar room, which might just be right. Only has to be cleared of “stuff”. Acoustics are okay. The brick walls actually work just fine. Plus it got a window. 🙂
  • Scribbled first page of the script in flash. Animatic (the monthly) has been rescheduled to the 9th of December.
  • Scribbled a rough “shot list” from the finished script for the animatic.
  • Wrote email with some script pages to the potential actors.  Wait for their answer. If it doesn’t work out with them, I will have to search for others. 😦

Things I still have to do:

  • Build a scene in Maya to check out possible Light Design without having to move equipment around.
  • Use that scene with dummies for the Animatic. Might reuse the character from our comic project.
  • Record dialogs for the animatic. Probably only by myself.
  • Get in contact with actors and get them to do line reading to see how much they would fit the role.
  • Think about organising furniture. (Desk, chairs, hat rack, cabinets, etc.)

I gave up on the idea to find a better suiting room elsewhere. It requires too much time and effort to find another room in the first place and once the actual filming takes place there might be limitations in terms of time, access and other things. Plus, I don’t have to move the equipment across town, when I have the shooting location in close range to my home, as it’s the case with the two possibilities I have in mind, right now.

Additionally, I gave up on the idea to get a pool of actors to choose from. Hopefully the ones, who already answered are still interested, otherwise I’ll have to search for new ones anyway. So, dear readers, wish me luck, cross your fingers and knock on wood for me. Because this project definitely needs a lot of good wishes at the moment.

Title Page of the Script "Mona"