Two Birds - a vulture/ flamingo mix

When you’re writing…

Or better when I’m writing and I come across a barrier – a so-called “Writer’s Block” – one of the things I do to loosen it is to draw the things I try to describe. As dumb as it sounds, it’s easier to picture it that way.

Now you don’t have to be the most talented of painters to scribble something. And to be honest it doesn’t even have to look to good. Because it’s just for yourself and you don’t have to show it to anyone. The problem it solves though is this – you have to think about every aspect of the thing you describe. Without having to word it.

In my example, how big is the head, how long the beak, what’s the ration between everything and so on. The surprise with that one, have definitely been the legs as I hadn’t even given any thought on them in the first place.

Writer’s Block, Doodling & Enriching your Story

While you might want to draw something particular as I did for my story or if you just want to loosen the little brain cramp from thinking too much about yours, doodling is always a good idea. And once again you don’t have to show your scribbles around. You also wouldn’t show your dairy to just anyone. Now would ya?

Well, unless you’re writing a blog. XD Touché.

But when you like the outcome – and do have a blog – you might want to show your stuff. Either by including it into the book as an illustration – if it got really good – OR by posting along with your story or poem when you publish over blog. OR maybe you want to simply show it to your family, friends and closest buds on them social networks?

In any way, it probably enhances your story at one point or another. Either by having some nice extra dazzle because most of us are going for the visual stimuli or simply by helping you along in phrasing your that part – paragraph, description, etc. – in your writing, which keeps you from finishing it.

That said, have fun writing. 🙂

The picture above features creatures from one of my stories. They're called "Death Birds" and - as the name might suggest - are carnivores. The story is set in a jungle world like "Djumanji" and therefore the Death Birds are only one of the many dangers which lurk in the depths of the jungle.