Mona May - Zeitplan- Woche 6

So after working even on the holiday (8th of December) – on school projects – I missed a meeting with the actors last week. 😦
Apart from that I’m somewhat in time with most things. Seems like the wishing luck worked out. Big Thanks for that! 🙂

Tasks For Week Five and Six:

  • Create 3D Model for Light Concept
  • Animatic
  • Record Dialog for Timing
  • Meet actors
  • Organize furniture, probs and clothing

Things I did to accomplish these goals:

  • Finished a big part of the Animatic – recorded lines, thought about staging etc.
  • Realized Script needs a bit of cutting, polishing
  • Came up with a rough light concept – modeled it in Maya
  • Missed out on a meeting with the actors. In contact to meet them next week.
  • Realized need equipment before holidays. Wrote an e-mail. Better go there in person to be sure.  Been. Done.
  • Got feedback on animatic – Teach said, take some extra time to think of staging and to polish the script. (Will think about it.)

Things I still have to do:

  • Re-Write/Polish the last pages of the script for dialog
  • Get equipment from school at least for (light) rehearsal  (Done on Thursday, 17th)
  • Clean out the location from junk
  • Meet with actors and get them to do line reading to see how much they fit the role. If they do, find out when they have time to shoot
  • Organizing furniture, (Desk, chairs, hat rack, cabinets, etc.), probs and perhaps clothes for the actors
  • Finish the Animatic for better feedback on the story
  • Perhaps think a bit harder about staging

I won’t be posting over the holidays because actually there’s nothing planned for the holidays. As you can see in the time-table. That doesn’t mean I won’t work, of course, because I’m that kind of a person, who just can’t quite working. Maybe I will try not to work that hard. 🙂

Anyway, Happy Holidays and read you again on Week Eight of production; that’s the first week after the school holidays (11th – 17th).

Still from "Mona´s" light concept
Our “Breaking Bad” Characters helped me create the Animatic and see the Light Concept in Action

P.S.: Sorry for the lag, but there’s a lot going on right now.