Mona - Production Time Table - Week 8

Of course I did work over the holidays. But it’s still not enough. Sorry, that I let the blog slide a bit, but things are though at the moment. Still two weeks of paid work going on and final grading for this semester is next week…

Tasks For Week Seven and Eight:

  • Re-Write/Polish the last pages of the script for dialog
  • Clean out the location from junk
  • Meet with actors
  • Do line-reading
  • Agree on a date for shooting
  • Organizing furniture, probs and perhaps clothes for actors
  • Finish the Animatic for better feedback
  • Think about staging

Things I did to accomplish these goals:

  • Finalized the script!!! (Finally…)
  • Eight hours of labor by me and my folks, and the location is finally empty.
  • One hour of labor by my folks and 5 minutes by me and the location looks like a passable conference room. 😀
  • Met with one of the actors before Christmas and discussed some details.
  • Arranged a line reading for next week at location.
  • Time of shoot has been somewhat fixed. Have to determine the exact day.
  • Asked friends for help. More likely they will help. Still the exact day has to be determined first.
  • Did light, sound and camera tests. Light sucked, too much reverb on the sound. Still have to try filters and stuff on the film material to see if the camera’s a fit.
  • Check a few Film Noir Lighting Tuts.
  • Reserved equipment for the approximate time. (Including professional light equipment)
  • Asked another teacher for advice on the Animatic. He got the story, but pointed out the shots could be a bit more extreme. More Close ups. Already helped with the opening sequence. Encouraged me to go through the script again and see how much more drama I can get out of it.
  • Recorded the additional lines from the new script pages.

Things I still have to do:

  • Line-Reading
  • Sound-improve the place. Perhaps with egg cartons (suggestion by teacher), carpets, etc.
  • Sift through the film material and try potential filters, etc.
  • Go through script and figure out key points. Perhaps scribble a basic storyboard.
  • Create a new Animatic.

So I got to admit I got a lot done over the holidays.

Still, I have about 20-25 hours of school work to do until Thursday or Friday. The exact day for grading is this still a bit nebulous – we asked three or four different teachers – but I guess you can narrow it down to “at the end of the week” of next week. Still not quite sure when they check last on all the assignments, so to be on the safe side I’d say Thursday.

That’s just showing you how much more I should have done, during the holidays or maybe even before. Because of that and my increasing lack of sleep, I might change my schedule. Meaning every two weeks – until April – there will be an update about Mona and once a month a post about something else, additionally. (When I find the time for it)

Until then, wish me all the luck in the world on completing this thing without disappointing myself or anybody else taking part in it.

on-movie-location-snapshot-1-viennajetschko on-movie-location-snapshot-2-viennajetschko