All the Things to do before the Semester Ends

Are you a student and have been struggling with the tasks your teachers have thrown at you during the semester? Well, since you’re now taking your well-deserved break, you might want to check out the things ours threw at us in the last four to five weeks before the final deadline for last semester. 🙂

Still Counting for this semester

Robot Animation – Work in Progress

An animation preview for an animation project that will be finished next semester.

Fur Illustration

A fur fridge in a crappily painted kitchen.

Don’t look too close. It sucks… A couple of hours of my life I won’t get back. That’s what stress does to my artistic abilities.

Matte Painting Animation

An integration of various items into a movie clip. They tracked it for us. (Failed at one frame) We animated the whale, put one object into the video during class and the rest at home.
Note: They realized they had to grade us one week before final due day.

Film Analysis Questions

Two questions about film techniques.
Note: Also one week before final due day and sole basis for our grade there.

Considered for Next Semester

Poster Analysis

Movie Poster for Full Metal Jacket

Had to analyse a film poster. Either before we knew the film or after. Not clarified. Picked “Full Metal Jacket” and watched it after analysis.

Film Sequence Analysis

Theatrical poster for LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (2008)

Had to analyse a film until its inciting incident. Took me 3,5 hours and the outcome were approximately 7 pages. Mind you we had to list every shot and what it symbolized.
Picked “Let the Right One In” (Låt den rätte komma in). Still an awesome movie.

There’s also a Storyboard Exercise, which now isn’t – thank god – due until after our one-week semester break and some Balloon Animation in Flash, which somehow is obsolete because the teach assigning us that one seems to have completely forgotten about it…


For your better understanding,  our teachers are also working next to their school work – in their various professions – so it might be understandable why not everything is working out perfectly well. Only this semester something really broke. Big time. Mainly the information about the assignments and when they’re due. And if they’re ever due…

Hopefully it will get better next semester. 🙂 Because, hey, there’s this big Jahresprojekt going on. ;p

See how that’s getting on:
Mona – Week Two
Mona – Week Four
Mona – Week Six
Mona – Week Eight

Well, quite a challenge at the moment. Will let you know about it. But not just now.