Mona - Time Table - Week 10

Everything changed in the last few weeks. The original actors canceled everything. Had to recast and get everything arranged nonetheless and so on….

Tasks For Week Nine, Ten and Eleven:

  • Re-plan the whole project – well, almost
  • Call out to actors
  • Do line-reading
  • Agree on a date for shooting
  • Organizing probs and perhaps clothes for actors
  • Fix location up – get deflection for sound to muffle the amp
  • Finish the Animatic  – yeah still…
  • Write a shot list
  • Shoot the movie!!!


Things I did to accomplish these goals:

  • Re-Casted
  • Got equipment from school – including Molton Cloth and a Camera Stick
  • Check lighting with professional lights – with a friend
  • Fixed up script a final time – to send to actors
  • Scheduled the shoot – when we start, etc.
  • Mobilized friends to help
  • Finished the Animatic
  • Wrote an abomination of a Shot List
  • Picked People up
  • Hit the record button on the Canon Legria

Things Others did to Accomplish these goals:

  • Dad – build a construct for the Molton to lean against the walls
  • Mom – provided really popular catering and drove people around
  • Friend from school Oli – helped with the lighting tests, took notes and gave advice; set the lights up; boomed every single shot and introduced Shia to the Zoom recorder.
  • Old-time Friend Shia – helped with everything she could, mostly me with directing and conversion; and overlooked the sound recordings over the Zoom – for the first time in her life
  • Old-time Friend Conny – has a film production background and recorded no-budget films (with our help) in our youth. She helped out with on-location production (mostly organizing), gave advice on shots and helped with everything else concerning the shoot (including conversion).
  • “Mona” – Took a huge weight from my shoulders by agreeing on a REALLY short notice to take over the role of Mona. She also did a really good job at acting and nearly needed no briefing at all to pick the right outfit for the role. Amazing.
  • “Errol” – Really enjoyed the smoking scene I put into the script and delivered it amazingly well. Better than I had imagined. In fact I didn’t give much thought about both pieces “the fight” and “the smoking” bit, but he filled both with life. Plus, he really paid attention to continuity, which I think will pay off, since he’s the one moving the most. 😉
  • “Amos” – Changed his text to deepen the role and stayed amazingly in role. He also managed to get everybody together by stealing the show and entertaining everyone during breaks. Plus, he found his way to that end of the world I live in and thus took some more transportation of my back. 🙂


Things I still have to do:

  • Sort through the video and audio material
  • Cut the scene together
  • Fix the audio up
  • Soundscape the scene
  • Retouch the picture to look like Film Noir
  • Look into Video and Audio Standards
  • (Send samples to the actors for their show reels)

So, What Happened?

Well, the last two weeks have been- exciting? I guess stressful might be a better term, but not quite right. As I mentioned before the actors I cast canceled. They did that two days before the planned line-reading…. And I think about two weeks before the planned shoot.

Luckily, that left me with still enough time to do a short-notice casting over Facebook. (Yes, I see the value in Facebook now. Still think it’s Stasi 2.0.) So on Thursday (28.1.) and Friday (29.1.) before the first week of February I talked with a couple of actors. That brought up the question why I wanted to play the role of Mona myself and the suggestion that I should check out that actress.

A couple e-mails back and forth and on Monday (1.2.) it was pretty sure for me that we got an actress for the role of Mona and some nice guys playing the Corlane Brothers (Errol and Amos). Huge relief on my side!


So Monday and Tuesday (2.2.) went into preparing and on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (3.-5.2.) we were shooting. Stressful but rewarding times. 😀

I’m so proud of the whole team. My old-time friends, my school mate and my newly met acquaintances – who turned out to be great company during the shoot and afterwards, when we went out for drinks – they all were really patient and attentive and helped me a great deal. 🙂

So now, the material gathered over the last week is stored away on my hard drive and a backup copy has been made to an external.  And in the month to come I will sort through it and will see how much magic we really produced. 😛

I gotta be honest I’m a bit afraid that everybody did a good job – mainly at performing – and my lousy filming skills somehow ruined it all. But until I haven’t looked into it I don’t know….

P.S.: Might not look so bad after all, if you take a look at the pictures. ;P