Long time no see– hear!

Well, I tried to finish this episode in December… but failed. So now I got a bit more time on my hands and – partly because I just had to take a break from “Mona” – finally wanted to finish my unfinished business.

So here’s Episode 6. In this episode of the podcast we will finish up [working title] Dead Days and the conversation with Mrs. Burbank. Don’t worry there will be a reminder for the latter. Plus, in this Episode you get to know my Audio Drama Godfather as he’s next on my Bucket List.

P.S.: This episode didn’t get really long – it’s still under 25 minutes  – it just seemed to get longer, during recording. 😀

As always, have fun!


  • Intro – 00:00
  • The Association – Mrs. Burbank Part 2 – 03:08
  • Bucket List – André Minninger – 06:04
  • Dead Days 5 – 16:40
  • Dead Days 6 – 21:04
  • Outro – 22:00




Sounds used and/or modified:

Own On-Set recordings by Oli and Shia

The Association – Mrs. Burbank Part 2:
clockticks by daveincamas // CC BY 3.0
couch-rustle-113011 by sagetyrtle // CC0 1.0
leather-couch-foley by mentalsanityoff // CC0 1.0
toss-book-on-bed-throw-set-down-land-pick-up-01 by cmorris035 // CC0 1.0
creaky-chair by ryancacophony // CC0 1.0
chair-creaking-back-and-forth-01 by unkleceeg // CC0 1.0
wood-creak-1, wood-creak-8 and wood-creak-10 by rage91 // CC BY 3.0

/*More to come*/

Bucket List:
metal-bucket-hit-and-fall by ingolyrio // CC BY 3.0

Plus a quote from “Stimmen aus dem Nichts” (Folge 76, “Die Drei Fragezeichen ???”, Europa, 1997)

Dead Days:
nervousdoggie by mannhawks // CC0 1.0