Heavy Seas – a short 3D animation about the first encounter of two round robots in a minimalistic world; with sound effects!
Robot Toren discovers bouncing ball Boyé

Robot Heroes  – Heavy Seas

Less than two months ago I showed you the preview to this animation. Now it’s finished… 🙂

Exercise Aftermath

So this was an Animation Exercise. We were supposed to learn more about path animation and… stuff. I’m not quite sure, perhaps pre-visualisation and dealing with clients. Vague clients without a message to transport and who don’t pay me a thing!! The realism in this exercise, hooray!

Personal Aftermath

Well, enough with the complaining. The minimum length for this one was 15 seconds (without open and end title). I ended up with approximately 40s. ;P

Fixing the thing up with nice opening and end titles I now have a one minute animation to show to my friends. Nothing to put into a show reel, but good enough for me. 🙂

Plus, I thought you might wondered what happened to that work in progress animation in my End of Semester Article.

BTW: Sorry, for not keeping the Mona Diary up. I’m having a bit of an emotional slump right now and works like this one (overhead) start to pile up, but I will let you know once Mona’s viewable. Currently I AM EDITING it. And hope to be finished by the beginning of April. 🙂