As my life’s – once again – really busy, with finishing the semester, everyone demanding stuff from us now, the preparation for next year’s final project and this year’s project not completely finished yet, I’ve decided to stall – at least – the podcast for a while.

Plus, the schedule is changing tremendously. For the time being there might be one or two posts per month (likely until July), depending on the stress around me. That might also be the case from time to time in the months to come until my diploma is through (in July 2017). I do plan to work a bit ahead on things during the summer holiday, but since that time is also already assigned to school and other projects, I’m not quite sure how productive I will be.

That’s said, I also want to state that I will probably shorten and change the format of the podcast. I have still planned two regular episodes of approx. 20 mins but after that I will experiment with different things and lengths – during the summer holiday – and hopefully will be back with a new version of the podcast by September.

So to all my dear friends, who are reading this, you, your ideas and projects are more important than this thing I call a blog/podcast and I hope that I will find more time for your belongings in the future.