•  Mona – Premiere

    Okay, a lot has been happening but first of all: Mona – my horrible little short movie – had its screening on June 23rd, 2016. 4 Days ago. It was nice, could have been better, but I did everything in my power to finish a version of the movie in time.

    Here, some pictures from the screening:

  • VJR Podcast – Episodes are offline

    I plan to fix that as soon as possible – so till July the episodes should be up and running again and I toyed with the idea of hosting the stuff myself. We’ll see.

    Huge appologies to all of you who just discovered them…

    I hope to get up and going with the blog too. But at the moment I really need a vacation. So be kind and give me another week into July and everything should be back to normal. 🙂