See me piece together this one, as I experiment with limited animation.

Building Character

As I’m a little lazy and extremely bad with Frame-By-Frame Animation (see for yourself), Limited Animation has had a fascination on me ever since I heard about it; approximately two years ago.

Limited Animation – is an Animation Technique, which reuses parts of a character or animation to limited the effort needed to produce an animated scene or movie.
UPA has been most notably for pioneering in the field of Limited Animation in the 1950s. (Gerald McBoing-Boing) But the technique has been widely used ever since and can be found in Japanese Anime as well as in American animation shows. To different extends…

Piece by Piece, Step by Step

Now with my ongoing idea of a Point-and-Click Adventure – where I’ll have several characters walk around in Animation – I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to try myself on Limited Animation. Especially since I so utterly failed with my try at frame-by-frame.

So the first thing, the most difficult and the most frequent exercise in Animation is: The Walkcycle.

Having a bit of background on walkcycles I drew the pieces my character (Jonas Jovian) would need, scanned the piece of paper (see the picture above) and pieced it together to a reduced walkcycle. Here, the current result:


This still needs some work – I know – but I already put the frames to a test and just working from the scan it took me about an hour until I had a somewhat fluent animation. So altogether it probably took me an afternoon to finished the whole thing from scratch. Give it another weekend (2 days) and I guess I will have a decent walk animation of my main character. (As a sketch)

Definitely an improvement towards the two weeks it took me to make him jump in Animation Exercise – Jump. ;P

The Character – Jonas Jovian

Jonas is a former child prodigy and now a run-down Private Investigator. He still lives in his hometown, whereas his childhood friends have moved on, years ago. His latest case (the first in the series) gets him to meet Jersey – his first actual client in months – and lets him team up with his old childhood friend, who just moved back to town.

This is – once again – a hobby project, so it will take ages to implement. But I just love to get myself to work on it from time to time and experiment with different techniques.