I did some old school head modeling by creating a robot papier mâché head based on a sketch of mine. All I used was a balloon, several cardboard box pieces, a string and many, many layers of paper, water and glue. You can see some original character sketch of Isaac here.

Papier Mâché Heads & other endeavours

Maybe some of you remember how I posted the character sketches of Isaac and Glubsch last year. I don’t know if I ever mentioned it, but when I first drew Isaac, the robot, I had a tough time picturing his head in a three-dimensional way.

Even back then, now almost two years ago, I thought about building his head once, so that I could easily take it as a real life model and sketch from it and maybe even do some lightening experiments.

Now this summer I started on this endeavor by putting together several cardboard pieces taken from wrappings and boxes.

Isaac Head - First Stage Paper and Cardboard 02 Isaac Head - First Stage Paper and Cardboard 01

Activating memories of my elementary school days and the tips and tricks passed on by various teachers and babysitters, I found some neat ways of getting rather close to my original sketches.

Isaac Head - Stage 2 - Paper, Cardboard and string

Unfortunately, Isaac’s head still got a bit uneven, because the transition between the straight card box part and the round balloon part is rather tricky. I might fix that by building a digital model, but for now I’m rather happy with the outcome.

Isaac Head Modeling - Stage 2 - Final Paper Layer - Right Side View

I especially like how I finally came to fix the sides of head and making them more realistic than they were in the original sketch. To be honest I really had no idea of what I was doing, after drawing the face in a frontal perspective. I sort of had pictured the “cheeks” to look like the do in the model now, but didn’t have the courage to go for it because I thought them to be a bit bland and boring. But now that I was able to see, that there’s really no other or better way of building them, I’m fine with it.

And this gets me quite ahead on creating a continuous character as I planned him to be.

And since this thing was planned as a nice Christmas post from the very beginning on, I just had to dressed the little fella up.