Every character sheet starts a new project at school. This guy, Nestor, has stolen quite some nerve from me while developing for school and will accompany the blog for several months to come. As we, hopefully, will see him come to life from sketch to final animation.

The Beginning of Nestor


So we had another assignment in 3D class. This time we had to create:

An anthropomorphic Superhero

Which means we had to come up with an animal we wanted to build from, cats, bears, pigs, foxes, wolves, you name it, and give them an human-like appearance, so our character could walk, talk and show emotions.

Also we had to look out to make our character wear something tight-fitting, so that we wouldn’t have to worry about additional animations falling under the principle of follow-through and secondary action. (Principles of Animation)

There are several assignments attached to this project, so the character doesn’t have to do all of the previous things at once. But in the end, we should be able to pull off a neat little scene starring our superhero.

I guess, they want to walk us through character animation with this project, but so far they entangle themselves in the difficulties of project planning. There’s nothing better than a step by step plan with animation or film projects, I can tell you that; and them – for that matter – but they just wouldn’t listen… ;D Ultimately they did listen, but it was too late – for us…

The Character of Nestor

As we had to pick an animal first, before assigning a personality to it, I went for the Kea. A parrot found in New Zealand, which is known – by those who know him – for its intelligence. This aspect and his green color made him attractive for me as a main character, because his soothing appearance and his intelligence just makes him the perfect fit for an educated, well-mannered hero, as I would prefer to create.

Yeah, I know, I said we had to pick an animal first, but with me it was a “chicken/egg” thing. As it is with so many stories. And yes, I notice how this text slowly slithers towards too many poultry references…

To underline the more wits than strength type of character I decided his powers to be telekinetic. That means he will be able to move objects solely through his will power.

I don’t know if he will be able to bend metal as well, because we don’t really have to develop the character any further than this one-sketch animation, but if he actually has to fight crime, that might come in handy. It might will require more willpower on his side than moving some objects around, though.

Another character trait I would like to transport is the predatory aspect. Kea are omnivores, which means they include meat in their diet. So these little creatures, they are about half a meter high, are not only known to eat other small birds, but also for killing sheep and rabbits. Something you might not expect from a bird of this size.

So, yeah, picture my Nestor to be a meat-lover and someone you better not underestimate or anger easily. You might be surprised by what might come for you from this bundle of mental and physical power!