Here’s the Sound Reel for 2016!

As last year I post this sound reel for one year of producing audio, to make it easier for people to get an idea of what’s going on at the Vienna Jetschko Podcast and to also cheer myself a bit up.

This year it didn’t work as much, but I still managed to produce 90 minutes of content over the last year I could pick from. I just wish it would have been more audio drama… :´(

If you’re new to the podcast it’s a great way to start here. If not, then it’s time to reminisce. 🙂 Or catch up as I’ve been very sloppy with the upkeep on this blog…

Includes Pieces from :

  • Bucket List
  • Annelise & Amalie
  • The Association
  • Horrors of the Vienna Underground & Christmas Special 2016