This little ping-pong animation was another assignment for school. But I added some sounds to make it more fun for you. 🙂

PONG – Assignment

We had to make a little tit-tat between the two paddles in the animation pitching the virtual ball back and forth. In general we only had to animate about two serves, but since I’m a story person I just had to add a little extra to it. I can’t really go without having some kind of resolution – or an open ending – to a situation.

I don’t really know – although I have a faint idea – why the teacher assigning the task gave me a C at his class, but hey maybe I should simply stick to story and give up on Animation – what’s your idea?

PONG – The Story

As always I love stories with characters getting angry when made fun of – for no apparent reason *cough* *cough*. And if it worked for Tom & Jerry why shouldn’t it still work? Not, that I would put my little animation anywhere near those classics. I’m just reading Bill Hanna’s biography and they knew what they were doing back then, even earned their studio some Oscars.

But I like that classical type of conflict and as we had the name assigned “Pong” I just had to think of those old SNL sketches with the two college students yapping about school while playing the old video game Pong and how one of them always seemed to lose due to lack of attention.

So I had the idea of the two paddle being equally good but one lose due to some dumb mistake. After that the story just unfolded. And, yes I tend to stress that classical “buddy” conflict in my school exercises (Toren & Boyé), but I just loved watching cartoons like Tom & Jerry, Roadrunner, Sylvester & Tweetie as a kid, and it’s a nice way out. 😉

Hope you find might find the same kind of fun – or at least a glint of it –  in my little animation.

The visual material used in this animation was provided by the school. The animation is my original work.

Sounds used and/or modified:

ding-5 by gkillhour // CC BY 3.0
turning-on-arcade-pinball-machine by scotthurly // CC BY-NC 3.0
menu-selection-click by nenadsimic // CC0 1.0
clackers-simulation by timbre // CC BY-NC 3.0
service-bell-ringing-angry by epicwizard // CC0 1.0