This art assignment turn out to be more fun than expected.

Eight drawings of a crashed can

So now this is an exercise from school. ‘School’s [soon] over, man!’ and you won’t see too many of those “exercise” anymore, so I felt like sharing. But not just because I was surprised how much fun this silly little thing actually was – not like the tedious, time-consuming other things – but also because I feel like this assemblage will launch a change to this blog.

I plan on doing more artwork here.

Now, with school almost over and hopefully a fulfilling job or at least many “promising” internships ahead of me, finding the time to animate will be very difficult.  Sketching and art experiments on the other hand don’t take as much time out of my day. So to be able to manage it all & keeping the podcast on a regular basis, you will see more motionless picture in the future. 🙂

According to my stats that’s also what you want. 😉

crashed can standing up right crashed can standing up right crashed can standing up right

The Assignment

I was sick when we got that assignment and as organized as our school has been it took me some questioning to get some kind of idea of what was required from us.

Different perspectives, different material, different style.

That was the message that rang through and the one I had somewhat confirmed by the class’s teacher. Pretty vague. Which sometimes can be a bliss and a way to creative freedom – or simply can mean more work…

Well, in the end it wasn’t as much work as I expected, but of course I did more than required. If I remember correctly we had to draw two “different version” of our can and hand it in. I actually worried because I drew all those versions on one piece of paper but apparently, size didn’t matter, only numbers, which I had exceeded by 6. ;P Still only took me about an hour and a bit to do them all. I guess I’m just more of an effective sketcher than animator…

crashed can lying horizontal crashed can lying horizontal crashed can lying horizontal

How we did it.

  1. Weeks ahead we had to buy a can to stand model for our sketches.
  2. Then we had to smash and trash it to make it more interesting and difficult to draw. Since shades and lights also had to be portraited, or rather concentrated on, this made sense.
  3. We could spray paint it at school. Leave it at class and have it thrown away by an overzealous cleaning person. Or we could ask my dad to spray paint the can in his shop. 😉 I decided for last option. This made things easier – since the can had not to commute back and forth to school.
  4. Now it was time to scavenge through my art supplies – which are still plentiful from high school days and soon will be used up. Just like my crayons from elementary school…
  5. Search a piece of paper and sketch away, picking from different materials, styles and perspectives. A training in general art history helps with the various types of styles. 😉

And you’re done.


Eight drawings of a crashed can
Material used: Coal, Crayon, Pencil, Felt-Pen (Liquid Gel Ink), Water color, Oil Pastel