So, I started an Art Challenge

Due to some things happening during the last semester and the coming end of school projects, I wanted to challenge myself to draw some more and might even get better. So I found – among others – Maarta Laiho’s “30 Days of Art Improvement” Challenge.

Screenshot of 30 Day Art Challenge

And because I found the challenge so intriguing, I actually started it before my finals. Yeah, it wasn’t the most rational decision, but I thought now or never. I also needed the creative balance, because learning all day without some stress relief is actually counterproductive.

It was nice to let my brain run empty and have the things I learned slip from active memory to my subconscious mind, while penciling.

No Flying Colors – but finished nonetheless

I still I suffered from a few “hick ups” during the challenge, since studying and finishing up on the final project had priority, so it took me longer than 30 days.

But I didn’t give up and noted every date truthfully; because I think it might inspire other people to continue, not to be too hard on themselves and go through with a challenge they set for themselves. Maybe next time I will be able to do this in 30 days, or maybe not.

In the end I’m proud of having so many new sketches and facing several new things, which had a positive impact on my drawing skills.

I adjusted the challenge to my own abilities and time – so most of the drawings are pencil sketches. I will pick out a few of them, which I think deserve color, and will try my hand at digital painting.

First Challenge – Self-Portrait

The challenge says “Self-Portrait-introduce yourself”. Now, from your cool artist you will get a fancy stylized version of themselves in their best known drawing style. But I don’t have a defined style yet, so I went for a “realistic” approach.

Self-Portrait by viennajetschko in Color
Colored July/August 2017

I wanted to focus on the facial features and be more expressive with the hair. I think it came out quite fine.

Also, I did a second, more cartoony, comic styled drawing as I felt like I needed to do more of a “typical”, stylized portrait as well. Yeah, the cool artist thing was nagging at me.

I might color the other one as well, in the future. Might even make it the cover art of one of my Audio Dramas – as it sparked a little idea.

Self-portrait pencil sketch by viennajetschko Comic pencil sketch self-portrait by viennajetschko
The original pencil sketches from 14/5/17

I don’t know if the first or second portrait really introduces myself. I’m really no fan of self-portraits. But I liked starting off like this and maybe the portraits tell more about myself than I would know.

I sure liked trying digital painting with Photoshop again and seeing how the challenge improved those skills as well. 🙂

Or what do you think? Leave a comment!

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