Draw a Figure – Challenge #2

The second assignment in the “30 Days of Art Improvement” Challenge by Artist Maarta Laiho is to draw a single figure.

Draw a figure using a reference – link to reference

I actually started with a movie still, but then decided to do it “right” and actually work from a posemaniacs reference.

Colored sketch of a man standing

And I somehow felt like giving him shorts. Kind of fits the season, don’t you think? 😉

Single Figure

I like how this challenge actually starts off rather easy on you. Especially, if you already had a bit of drawing expertise. I really have to point out how well structured it is and have to compliment Laiho at this point.

A pencil sketch of a man standing
Original sketch from 15/5/17

I liked working from reference and being “pushed” to search for a good site, as it also opened my eyes to try to practice some more on anatomy from pictures, before trying real live sketching in art class again. It gives you a good set of confidence and knowledge before putting 3D people into 2D sketches, in my opinion. For some people this might be counterproductive, I assume.

As this was only the second entry I did, I forgot to bookmark, “screen-shoot” the reference. But I still know I got it from posemaniacs.com using the random pose option.

The Movie Still

I actually started with a scene from an Austrian crime show, before I did the “right” sketch of the guy in the shorts. It’s set in a dentist practice with the main character, a police detective, and her partner having a conversation about a homicide. The partner had to lay down because the victim was an old school friend and it isn’t clear if he’s able to investigate the case.

Pencil sketch of a scene between to police detectives from an Austrian Crime Show Screenshot from an Austrian Crime Show
The original pencil sketch (15/5/17) and Screenshot of the “Schnell ermittelt” Scene

I really liked the pose and gesture between the characters in the scene and the lightning is especially beautiful. Because of that, adapting this one into a colored digital painting is on the list of things to do in the future.

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