The Season of the Strange and the Weird has started. Time for creepy tales and spooky stories!

Pre-Halloween Schedule

The All Hallows Eve Countdown starts today and if it hasn’t been a big thing for you last year – it will be this year. Celebrate Halloween like the creepy, crazy Sibling of Christmas –  just like Tim Burton to told you to, 24 years ago with his “Nightmare Before Christmas” – with all the nice and nasty things the people of the Internet have put together for you.

Creepy Tales

Ever wanted a Halloween Advent Calendar, that makes waiting for the big day all the easier, because it’s only X sleepless nights until the 31st of October? Well, if you head over to Jon Grilz’s “Creepy Podcast” located at Small Town Horror you will get just that. Everyday throughout the month of October you will get a new horror story by some of your favourite Audio Drama people. Just search for #31DaysOfHorror, sign up on Twitter @creepypod or subscribe to the podcast over your favourite venue.

Spooky Story Showcase

I, myself, cash in on the Audio Drama Celebration and kick off my “Turn the Lights Back On” article series, which showcases stories of the Audio Drama and Fiction field, that during first time listening, made me turn on all the lights in the house because of what might lurk in the dark. As I am easy to jump-scare, but not to chill this might be some of the scariest things you come across these days – so you better be prepared for some horror.

So, starting next week you will get one review per week for four weeks for some chilling first time or re-listening of the finest scare works the community has produced over the last years.

Audio Drama Day

As October 30th is Audio Drama Day for the English-speaking community and Halloween only one day later, I really cross my fingers to get an episode written and fully produced for the day. It might be spooky, it might be supernatural, it might be unnatural and it might not be at all with my time being all over the place. BUT- if I don’t manage to contribute in terms of audio creating, I will definitely put my crazy, binge-listening urge to use and post my 2017 favourite Audio Drama entries for you to choose from. Don’t fear, there will be horror, nonetheless!

Featured Image: Jack O’Latern

And now for all the Artwork cracks out there, this featured image was sketched, manually inked and then digitally painted by me. I like how the rough, scribbly ink outlines clash with the digital paint and I must say I think I’ve improved with digital. Or what do you think?

Let me know, and while we’re at it Inktober starts today as well. So to get you creative juices flowing, listen to some Audio Drama and ink the month away, you artistic adventures.

Fun fact: The sketch for this hybrid painting was created while listening to the No Sleep Podcast on my commute. Subscribe to them for endless hours of horror and sleepless nights as well; if you dare!