Get into an early Halloween mood with another Audio Drama qualified for “Turn the Lights Back on!” my personal pick of Audio Horror Stories giving off that extra chill.


In Earbud Theater’s “Shift”, psychiatrist Katherine Block has to deal with lively, quirky Morty whose “escape from reality” is something completely new to her. Pondering how to help her patient to get a grip on his life again, she lets herself get dragged into places too dark for her to deal with. As sympathetic Morty keeps a secret his up cheer personality wouldn’t let you expect. He has to live a life between shadow and light, which he desperately tries to leave behind.

This piece lives strongly on its characters and their interaction; expect to be drawn into the depth of this story as much as character Katherine Block.

First Encounter

It was another pitch-dark autumn evening, when I was busying myself with some computer work and flicked this Audio Drama on for the first time. I was prepared for the supernatural or unnatural and knew it would go in the direction of the weird. So a sightly different situation from “Clones in the Closet”.

But just as with “Clones in the Closet” by Theater in Your Mind, this piece drew me into its story with its subtle Sound Design and great Dialog. Both things really driving the story and Morty is the kind of character I fall for way too easy.

He’s that weird, adorkable uncle you might have or have seen on children’s television if you been around a bit longer than the 21st century. To be honest he also reminded my of the silly side-kick some more grown-up characters had in Old Time Radio and the sorts. If you know Freddy the Finger from “Black Jack Justice” (Decoder Ring Theatre) or most characters from John Bell’s “Bell’s in the Batfry”, you know what I’m talking about.

Yet, don’t be fooled and think that this episode is in any way as cheery and funny as the references I gave you. Uh-no, watch out for this piece, because this will really hit you hard in the stomach and make the tears come easily. So, this episode has a trigger warning for (young) parents and without trying to spoiler you much further – be careful who you trust.

Shift by Earbud Theater

Original Release Date: June 21, 2012
Written & Directed by: Casey Wolfe
Cast: Dr. Katherine Block & others – Allison Karman
Morty” & Psycharist  – Matthew Henerson
Runtime:  24:33 min
License: unclarified