Only a few sleepless nights and the gates of hell open to flood you with all new horror Audio Drama. One last time for this year to look back on the communities’ successful effort in the past to make me so scared I had to “Turn the Lights Back On!”


Dedicated emergency operator Valerie has only one night shift to go until her well-deserved holiday on Hawaii. She deals with little girls calling in about car accidents, strange “hang up calls”, people requiring medical help and “things” trying to get into people’s places. It is more than a normal Friday night.

And when little Becky calls in again, because all the lights went out and Valerie can’t reach out to the forces on the street anymore, she has to think fast to help as best as she can.

Personal Experience

As I already tasted blood with Earbud Theater’s Shift – and others – I wanted more. Binge listening through their catalog I stumbled upon this little tale. It’s very short, but still sets the mood and characters up so well. I’ve heard “calling in” scenarios before – mostly it’s Radio shows for some weird reason – but the distress and tension building up with every call in this tale is so well crafted and performed, that this tale really stands out.

It’s so easy to relate to Valerie, as she’s a sweet and competent character, and the final scene with her and Becky real got to me. It made me worry so much for the little girl. Emma Wolfe’s performance is just so sweet and authentic, you simply have to fall for her. I was scared, heart-broken and tearing up with “No,no,no”, at the end, just like I was with Shift. Kids and good writing, eh? They get to you.

All those things considered, what really created the “Turn the Lights Back On!” moment for me, was the uncertainty of the story. You’re put into Valerie’s place and have to piece together the bigger picture with every phone call, that’s coming in. There’s something going on in this city and it’s up to your own sinister imagination to figure out what it might be. In the end, your up against your own worst nightmare, fertilized and brought up by the tale of “911”.

911 by Earbud Theater

Original Release Date: June 27, 2015
Written & Directed by:  Craig Good
Cast: Valerie – Tosca Minotto
Becky – Emma Wolfe
Peter – Jared Rivet
Dale – Nicholas Thurkettle
Additional Voices – Sean Keller, Daheli Hall, Summer Brooks, Jennifer Wolfe, Rebecca Stockley
Runtime:  14:31 min
License:  unclarified