Statistic for National Novel Writing Month 2017 Week 2 for B. Vienna Jetschko

The Second Week…

Apparently the second week of NaNoWriMo, or the first 10000 words, have a blow back notion to them. I felt it. First, I had a really bad Monday with a road block, unbeknownst to me, getting me late for an appointment. After that a phone call about an application for an ID card I had made, my picture hadn’t made it to them, had to figure out how to get them a new one. Then I returned some overdue library books, which cost me a bit and finally when I wanted to have a coffee with a friend to calm down in the evening, we waltzed in on them on the one evening they were preparing for a convention, thus packing up.But by then I could only smile about the situation and thought about turning my day into a wacky short story about a day gone wrong.

Everybody was really nice, my appointment, the ID office, the librarians, of course, and the people of the Audio Drama/Coffee shop of course too. There’s a reason why it’s one of my favorite places in Vienna. Everything worked out somehow, but still, it was all breaking in on me at once. So not much writing on Monday – but I tried.

Weekly Writing Goal: Average Daily Word Count: Percentage Done:
8349 of 12k 1193 of 1667 24,94%

The Daily Struggle…

Tuesday and Thursday have been course days since September and somehow I couldn’t write so much on those days this week. I don’t know why but this week I really quickly passed out, once I touched the bed, although I still wanted to write some.

On Wednesday, my free day, I managed to write the most. I also dipped deeper into the application writing. I guess falling asleep quickly on Tuesday helped to activate some energy. Saturday, after class, I also managed to write quite a lot. Most of it went into my horror story and I managed to push through to the end of the second chapter although I had a tough time with it.

Since I wanted to hit a certain word goal on Saturday, but didn’t managed to, I hit a low on Sunday. I tried to motivate myself all day long but fell into self-loathing, until I called it a day and finally went to bed. I plan on doing better next week.

I found two compliment generators for those bad days and will try to keep myself going by various self-motivation tips and treating myself with some five compliments for every 250-500 words I get in. Who knows maybe it helps. Better than sweets, anyway. ;P

Compliment Generator 1 Compliment Generator 2
I like this one best. I personally hit the “Men” option as I find the “Women” compliments to clichéed and cheap. They rather put me off. But independent of your gender, try which ever option you like best. This one is okay. Sometimes weird, almost backhanded compliments, but funny too. It’s also a marketing instrument for a brand. But the Generator is still good, and you don’t have to buy anything.


  • I reached the 10 000 mark.
  • I managed to get over 2000 words twice this week.
  • I improved slightly on my application time.
  • Could still win NaNoWriMo if I wrote 2000 words or more each day.
  • Wrote on the subway again, after a long time.


  • Had another Monday without significant word count.
  • Fell behind this weeks’ writing goal, as well.
  • Feel extremely exhausted at night, when I plan to write some. Fell asleep a few times instead of writing.

How to improve:

  • Plan strategically what to write and when.
  • Carry a laptop with me, every time I go out, so I can write on the subway.
  • Add an application word count goal to my daily to do list. This invokes double gratification.
  • Keep up the word sprints.
  • Split up the daily word “packages” but reach for more than 2000 words.
  • Sign up to  Habitica Challenges to help with goals. (Already started.)