As everybody wraps up their feet in socks, stockings and closed shoes at the moment, you might be happy to see that Item Four of the Art Improvement Challenge,

Draw a part of the human anatomy you have trouble with 20 times, with at least 5 being skeletal/musculature studies.

inspired me to pick:


At first I didn’t believe in this. I have a problem with drawing feet for quite some while. If I went through my childhood drawings I might even find proof that I’ve already struggled with them back then. As well as with footwear.

Of course, as everybody else, I also have a problem with hands, but with feet it’s even worse. I really don’t know why. Although after trying this I think it might have something to do with not knowing how they are actually set up. Their whole physiology and all. But that changed radically.

Skeletal and muscular studies of feet - pencil sketch by viennajetschko

After I got through the skeletal and muscular part of the exercise, I started to feel a change of approach and, correct me if I am wrong but, I think I got better and better with every drawing. You can actually follow the progress yourself as I numbered every sketch chronologically.

Pencil Sketch of Feet by viennajetschko

I also found, greatly profited and mostly drew from the resource work of deviantArtist SenshiStock. She photographed her feet in ton loads of different positions and if you’re looking to improve your own feet-drawing-skills, I can only recommend her pictures from the 50 Foot Challenge Pack to you.

Pencil sketch of feet by viennajetschko

For you convenience, if you plan to study and draw feet yourself or just love to look at them, I post my references here:



Full Feet:

Art Improvement Challenge Series:


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