This October, I want you to start off the pre-Halloween time with a few selected gems of the Audio Drama community, that will let you want to “Turn your Lights back on!”.

If you usually listen in the dark, that is.

Clones in the Closet

“Clones in the Closet” tells the tale of a young family of three moving into a new house.

Rumor has it that the “previous owners left rather mysteriously”, and therefore left everything as is and made it difficult to sell the house. Emily and Terry Davis, the parents, find this rather peculiar but think nothing off it. Until their new neighbor suggest that there might be more to the previous owners disappearance.

Soon strange things start to happen to the Davis’ and their daughter. And everything gets a bit claustrophobic.

The Personal Encounter

The first time I listen to this tale, I was rather “absent-minded”. As usually I was sorting out some things and do some cleaning up.  So I was even stronger exposed to the power of this play, as it comes rather nonchalantly at you to then simply grab you by the guts.

I let the music and subtle sound design in this piece lull me into the story, I drifted off into the everyday life of Emily and Terry Davis, compared it with my own in Suburbia-Land, until I noticed – about half-way in – that something was really off. Not very surprising with a horror piece, but I only had about this much time, until the creepy events came rushing in at me. And had me scared to my wits. Or so was my impression.

This might be because of the setting, very close to my own quarters, or because I wasn’t wholly focused on the horror of the story and therefore had my guard down, but it hit me cold blank.

I’d expected something in the tradition of The Creaking Door, or Escape etc. by the set-up, but in the end it turned all Creepy Pasta on me. And, yeah, that kind of stuff really keeps me from sleeping at night.

Let me know what you think. Did you get through it without a scare? Or did you also let the lights on for the rest of the night? ;P

Clones in the Closet by Theatre in Your Mind

Original Release Date: April 30, 2014
Written by: Jon Holland & Logan Hill
Directed by: Jon Holland
Cast: Emily Davis  –   Marygail Lakner
Terry Davis   –   Eric Koch
Tina Davis  –  Hannah Morrow
Ruth Ramsey  –  Tihleigh Roach
Mrs. O’ Brien  –  Amber Bryant
Ms. Jones  –  Brenda Ritz
Principal Sanders  –  Patrick Vincent
Dave  –  Ben Vail
Secretary  –  Holli Carlson
Runtime: 32:58 min
License: All rights reserved