Ten facial expression for the character Glubsch, the FishbowlEight facial- body expressions for the facially immobile character Isaac, the robot.A little something I had to do for school. Funny, since I had done something alike before for my own  amusement. Might post that too, if I feel like continuing that certain project.

But until then…

Meet Isaac and Glubsch.

For the exercise we had to develop two characters and then draw some facial expressions. They also had to be rather diverging and friends.

Somehow I ended up with a fish glass (Glubsch) and a robot (Isaac). Yeah. I know. Weird. But that’s my kind of humor and sometimes I just love what my subconsciousness comes up with.

Plus, it was fun to involuntary add an extra challenge to the  exercise by having a character without mimic (Isaac).  I grew fond of them both and I think I will keep on working with them every now and then. I don’t think they have the potential for a comic strip or something. But who cares. They’re cute.